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Membership Management

Membership Management

RING MMS, a well integrated Membership management system. Being it a car rental company or club membership, RING MMS does it all. It helps you develop and retain members with greater precision, resulting in enhanced member loyalty and improved profitability. With RING MMS, you can automate routine tasks and streamline membership management. Automate applications, payments and renewals.

What can RING MMS do for you?

  • Comprehensive membership management
  • Integrated process flow – From member registration, billing, servicing and support
  • Flexbile membership billing – Monthly, Quarterly, Annualy & Usage based billing
  • Multiple payment gateway – Credit Card, GIRO & Manual
  • Membership audit history of plan changes
  • Membership self managed portal
  • Engage your members with integrated surveys
  • Reward your members with loyalty points
  • Improved customer experience with builtin helpdesk
  • Assess your member’s Lifetime Value at fingertips

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